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Xmedia Recode Scaling Mode??

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Сообщение Сб, 02 Декабрь 2017 15:29     Заголовок сообщения: Xmedia Recode Scaling Mode??
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I use Xmedia Recode 3217 Video Converter for all my video processing needs.
Doe anyone know what the "Scaling Mode" does, please? I read that it has something to do with Up scaling or Down scaling but I am not sure what this really means in practice(?) I have always just used the converter to copy the mp4's and I adjust colour saturation; brightness... etc. The results have always looked good. I wouldn't understand if I would need Up or Down scaling or not.

Which of the above should be selected and why? Will it make bleary videos look sharper and more defined. (I am all for that!)

I tried the "Fast berlinear" since it was at the top of the list; then compared it with the same footage set to "Gauss". Frankly there did not appear to be any visual difference between the two. What is happening technically?
Understand, I am a layman so try to tell me what I should be looking for in simple terms, please?

Please Help.

Thanks !

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.


whiteboard animation explainer
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