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nd I get that all important insigh

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The colours, the beading, the embroidery it's art.

Now if wedding ball gowns you've been having one of those days getting fed up with wedding planning, look back through these photographs, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and smile your way forward for the rest of today, because it will all come together in the end, and soon you'To enter the competition, simply log on to www.As we were planning our wedding from Germany we didn't really know where to start, not knowing any suppliers in the UK and not being able to meet any of them in person.This was the decade of Art Deco and Cubism, and couture houses of the time livened up their designs by incorporating the art scene into their clothing.Aside from those, things often get added to the diary so it’s best to keep checking my site for details.Beth Morgan is a fantastic and imaginative designer, who managed to create a piece that was both individual and affordable.

I wanted a country graden style of flowers with quite a broad range of colours.For some reason or other couples wanting relaxed and informal celebrations are always drawn to my work-home grown weddings with lots of attention to detail are something I like to think I do well!Kate has been creating wedding dresses and millinery for private clients for over 10 years now, but decided to take the plunge recently in establishing her own couture label.Stress free planning meant that we probably managed to imbue the event with more meaning and subtle touches than we'd ever have managed if we'd gone down the 'only this will do' route.

I wanted a nipped in waist and a skirt that had beach wedding dresses a bit of drape to it.Love My Dress UK Wedding Blog Images Copyright (c) 2011, Yarwood-White Looking for suppliers?Other designers include Atelier, a Belfast based designer who hand makes vintage inspired wedding garters and headpieces.

We also used a topiary company for the ceremony to provide impact and simplistic charm""We decorated the barn ourselves.Katherine is another future Love My Dress feature.I asked Lee what got her in to design, and more specifically, the design of corsetry"Please don't be offended, it's just a bit of fun!It was the absolute heyday of clothing design as far as we'I find it often leads to a real laugh, and there is nothing more beautiful," reveals fine art wedding photographer KT Merry.She was there to promote her upcoming film, Jaanisaar.Miss Manners requires only that business and personal correspondence be answered reasonablypromptly.As well as Ms Grace, the 1950's era plays a huge role in influencing the Fletcher and Grace designs.take inspiration from above and book somehere beautiful and glamorous to stay at for your well deserved loved-up rest Huge thanks to Emma Gibbs from The Honeymoon Project for this guest post you can follow The Honeymoon Project on Twitter or visit The Honeymoon Project Website here.This simple yet sometimes daunting skill is often understood but difficult to master through books alone.I'd also like to say its totally worth all those months of planning.What an arrival for my wonderful Groom" "I walked down the aisle accompanied by my father Brian Edwards to a version of Unchained Melody by the Fleetwoods.One of our gorgeous real Brides who married 1920's style had a cheap wedding dresses pretty Davie & Chiyo Clutch go take a peekGorgeous bridal clutch bags from David & ChiyoLove My Dress Wedding Blog Photography Copyright (c) 2010, Davie & ChiyoLooking for suppliers?Remember they had or will have their chance and in the long run the only people that your wedding will truely matter to is you and your hubby to be.I just wasn't finding what I was looking for, however, and so I decided to tackle making my own 1950s-style hat.in England, by her own team of seamstresses.The collection overall has a gorgeous vintage, feminine feel.Now that's a rather graceful offer one can't refuse!In the meantime, I thought I'd highlight some of the key features and competitions on Love My Dress, in case you've missed them up to now and of course, provide a little visual glimpse into what's in store for the seven days ahead.The couple get some great photos and I get that all important insight into who they really are and what makes them tick.For more information on Tart, please contact David Carter at 40 Winks.Susan Corcoran for John Geaney Hair.and saved them in the bottom of my wardrobe until the big day!by Erik Satie"it is a favourite piece of Lee’s and when he played it to me we both thought it would be perfect, it is very ethereal, and leaves room for all the emotion of the moment""Lee borrowed his suit is from the National Theatre, who have an amazing warehouse full of treasures.Joanne FlemingNow wouldn't these make some utterly DIVINE Bridesmaids dresses?
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